About FUSE

FUSE Natural Products is your source for the very best pure, natural topical pain management and skin health products. Our founder is a medical professional with decades of experience in modern allopathic medicine. She rejected those methods, finding them ineffective and even harmful, and developed the FUSE line of products over a period of years. Working with professionals in the field of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine has become a staple of the FUSE company, helping more and more people live a healthier, pain free lifestyle.

Essential oils with known anti-inflammatory, pain abatement and healing qualities are combined in unique ways to produce Fusion Liniment,  J.A.M. Joint & Muscle Rub, Essential Natural Skin Care and Smooches All Natural Lip Balm. These properties broaden the therapeutic value of our Fusion liniment to 50+ conditions. 

The essential oils & herbs in FUSE also have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and healing properties proven through centuries of use and backed by modern scientific research. Chosen carefully, with intense research and personal experience as criteria, the pure essential oils and organic herbs in FUSE products are the highest quality available. Look deeper into our website and find out more about them. Research on fibromyalgia has not yet yielded a firm outline of the disease, but all descriptions include pain. Fibromyalgia based pain and inflammation symptoms can be eased or eliminated with daily application of Fusion liniment and Joint & Muscle Rub. Including these two FUSE products in massage therapy sessions for fibromyalgia sufferers is a very effective and growing practice. 

Researchers project that up to 25 percent of the US population will suffer from arthritis or bursitis by the year 2030. Negative side effects have become a major problem with today’s commonly accepted treatments for arthritis, bursitis, gout and other conditions, prompting more and more people to look for safer, effective alternatives. FUSE products soothe pain and decrease or eliminate the swelling & debilitating inflammation experienced by arthritis and bursitis sufferers, providing a healthy and effective alternative to endless prescriptions, injections and other invasive treatments for these and a broad range of other conditions. Check our Common Uses page for more information.

Hours working at the computer and the high incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome are modern day conditions. Repetitive movements in the hands and arm have brought the numbers of persons diagnosed with carpal tunnel to epidemic proportions. This form of compression neuropathy is caused by swelling around the median nerve in the wrist.

All of the major pain conditions referenced here and many more on the Common Uses page can be calmed or eliminated by the herbs & essential oils in the perfect product partners, Fusion liniment and J.A.M. Joint & Muscle Rub products.  Relief is here, so reach out and buy it!

Take a look at what our customers have to share on the Testimonials page, and then place your order and join the family of FUSE customers who are 100% satisfied and couldn’t be happier!