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How does Fusion liniment work?
Fusion liniment is a versatile
blend of 15 essential oils in an aloe based lotion.  The therapeutic value of the essential oils make it a high quality pain relief product and highly effective for allergies, sinus and headaches.  Several of the oils are antimicrobial and antiviral too.  Apply a moderate amount (about the size of a quarter) of Fusion liniment and rub it in wherever you experience symptoms. The oils will absorb through every layer of skin and into your tissues to provide four to six hours of relief. Essential oils also wash in and not off, so you can shower or bathe after application, and moist heat helps accelerate absorption.

When applied to the hands and inhaled as a vapor, the rapid action anti-inflammatory ingredients (monthol, camphor, eucalyptus, mints) in FUSE Liniment help with sinus swelling & pain, throat soreness and headache. Applied to the chest, it works to decrease swelling in bronchial tubes and ease congestion. It’s the healthy alternative to petroleum-based chest rub products we all used for years! 
See the Fusion product page for more specific information on how to use this versatile liniment for various conditions.

Can I use the Fusion liniment and Joint & Muscle Rub together?
Absolutely! There are no harmful reactions, and their different ingredients work together. They are our Duet, the perfect partners to combat pain and reduce or eliminate inflammation.  Joint & Muscle Rub can also be applied lightly to the face and chest to help with congestion, and together these products greatly ease discomfort and body aches from colds & flu. They are great for your skin, too!

Can I use Fusion liniment and Joint & Muscle Rub too often?
No, these products are 100% all natural and you can use them as often as needed for your comfort. Application every 4 to 6 hours is generally recommended; using more than that won’t hurt anything but your checkbook.

Can I use Fusion liniment in my hot tub?
Yes, the essential oils will not hurt any parts or filters of the hot tub. Add six to eight full caps for hot tubs that seat four, and enjoy!

How do your products help with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, menstrual cramps and gout?
The essential oils and organic herbs reduce or eliminate pain by decreasing inflammation and improving circulation, which in turn reduces swelling and promotes healing. This combined action will increase flexibility and allow more natural movement.

Why is the All Natural Lip Balm so terrific?
Our lip balm is made from plant oils in beeswax with vitamin E and leaves no film or residue. It’s absorbed into your skin, restoring health and elasticity. Like all FUSE products, our lip balm contains no petroleum so it doesn’t just create a seal, it adds moisture and increases your skin’s ability to keep it! Use lip balm on any part of your body, wherever you need quick relief from dryness.  We are often told that our customers use it on dry cuticles, elbows, knuckles and other small areas. 

How does Full Body Skin Balm help my skin heal and become healthier?
Our balm is crafted from carrier and essential oils with beneficial properties known for centuries to increase the health and suppleness of the skin, and vitamin E for nutrition. Use it on feet, hands, elbows and your face anywhere you want softer, smoother, healthier skin. Because it is gentle and promotes healing, it prevents and reduces or heals stetch marks from pregnancy and weight gain or loss.  Apply to help heal burns (on unbroken skin) including sunburn and to prevent scarring. A little goes a long way! One container lasts a full year for most people.  Find out more on our Ingredients page and the product page.

Is Muscle Mist as effective as other FUSE products?
Oh yes! In addition to other great ingredients, Muscle Mist contains arnica, which helps to reduce bruising and bring down swelling fast. The natural alcohol in this product allows you to spray on & go - without rubbing it in - to get quick relief. Great for athletes to carry in the gym bag or for parents & grandparents to carry in a purse or pocket. Our customers tell us they find it particularly effective on foot pain and gout.  Take advantage of the inventory reduction 50% off special now in effect!   Go to the product page and place your order today!