Our customers love to tell us how much they enjoy FUSE products.  Take a moment and read some of the letters and emails we’ve received from our customers telling us how FUSE products have improved their health and lives.  They tell us how they use each one, and even send us their photos!


I am a Cat 4 - Racer sponsored by Bycycle Path of Denton, TX. I ride approximately 200 miles per week. I ran across FUSE Products and have been using them ever since. The All Natural Liniment is great on my legs, I use it prior to riding, really loosens the muscles and give me optimum flexibility. I also use the Body Balm on my face and the Lip Balm – both are great for all weather conditions. My wife has taken a liking to the Body Balm too.

Darrell Duke - Denton, TX


For years on my job I have used a computer keypad for 8 hours a day, five days a week. I went to my doctor with swollen tendons in my arms that were very painful. He put me in arm braces which made everything more difficult. I started using Fuse products on my arms, wrists, & hands. Thanks to Fuse, I no longer have to use the braces and it is a great pain reliever. Fuse is a priority office supply!! Since Fuse has worked wonderfully for me, after my dog's ACL surgery, I used Fuse Pet Pain on him. It was a great help with his pain management, especially when I applied it before his physical therapy. I also use it for his arthritis. I know he is getting relief because he''s happy to have me rub it in. Then he's able to get around much easier. The fact that Fuse is a natural organic product is very important to me. After all I''m using it on my most precious, my dog Roscoe.

Debbie Baughman
Hutchinson, KS.


As a high school chemistry teacher, I read labels on any new product with a lot of interest. I was confident about trying FUSE because I could see only good things in it! The "breathing treatment" relieves my sinus headaches and nasal congestion and soothes muscle aches and pains. I rub it on my neck, arms, and chest, and to my delight, FUSE helped clear an allergic rash that has appeared on the back of my upper arms for over 20 years! I have suffered one migraine headache in over a year, and that was when I foolishly ran out of FUSE and did not have it to "short-circuit" the buildup of pain. Whenever I feel a headache coming on, I quickly rub FUSE on my forehead and temples and inhale the vapor for a full 8 breaths. I shared the secret with a friend who was suffering miserable headaches, and she is headache free since she began to use the product!
FUSE Muscle Mist helps me get the sleep I need as a high school science teacher. Walking on tile floors all day long left me with horrible pain in my feet and I suffered for years, struggling to rest well at night. I spray Muscle Mist on my feet at bedtime, and the pain goes away! Thank you FUSE! And my students thank you for a more cheerful and patient teacher! 

A surprise use for FUSE Animal Pain Relief came when I fell and injured my arm while on a trip away from home. Worried that I had a broken bone, I applied ice and searched my bags for something that would ease the pain and swelling. FUSE came to the rescue! Thank goodness I carry the Animal Pain Relief formula for my 11-year-old Yorkie who suffers from an old hip injury. I rubbed it all over the injured area, and within 15 minutes the swelling was nearly gone and I was comfortable and confident that my arm would be okay.

Thank you, Janet, for these wonderful products!

Kim Berg, High school chemistry teacher, Temple, Texas


I was introduced to Fuse by a co-worker. My back was hurting he let me use some of the Natural Liniment. It was unbelievable how it worked so quickly. I was hooked from that point and purchased some for myself. I later began to use other Fuse products. When I really get down in my back I use the Joint and Muscle Rub then put some Liniment on top, "boy that really gets you back on your feet". Working with my hands they get dry and crack, guys the skin salve is great, easy container to carry in jean pocket also. The Liniment is good for so many things, great for sinus and allergies, all my friends are Fuse users now. 

Charles Butler, Buffalo, KY 


As a college baseball player, I have to deal with aches and pains. I use FUSE to ease my sore shoulder and elbow after practice, and it seems to make a big difference in my recovery time after pitching in a game. The MUSCLE MIST is easy to use in the dugout to back off the stiffness that comes after pitching a couple of innings, and it stopped the pain when I overstretched my lower back during a too-quick warmup. 

CJ Evans, College Athlete, Waco, Texas


Sports scouting is a great job, but it comes with a lot of walking and sitting for long periods on hard bleacher seats. I began to put FUSE on my lower back at bedtime, and realized that it gave me more and more relief after several days of use. When I developed a bone spur in my heel, I immediately began to apply FUSE to my heel and ankle, and it eases the discomfort enough for me to continue my work. FUSE helps me do my job and keep my sense of humor! 

Randy Evans, Texas Sports Scout, Temple, TX


My whole family uses FUSE products! Since I found it to help with back pain from old injuries and a spine fusion surgery, I've been able to relieve symptoms and keep me feeling good all day long. When my sciatica acts up I just put some Joint & Muscle where it hurts and in less than 15 minutes the pain is gone and I'm back to work. FUSE Skin Salve is a wonderful moisturizer for my face, hands, feet - anywhere I have dry skin and a little goes a LONG way! I always have a tube of lip balm in my pocket and I can use that for my dry cuticles too! Muscle Mist is the best - great to spray on sheets and pillows to kill dust mites and bacteria and keep things smelling fresh and comfortable. We sleep much better now. I also found out that the liniment and muscle mist are great deodorants! 

I've introduced FUSE products to my whole family and we all use it pretty much every day. It's helped all of us lower or eliminate prescription or over the counter meds for allergy and headache, and doesn't adversely effect high blood pressure or cholesterol medications my parents take. From ages 72 to 19, everyone in my family uses and swears by FUSE products.

Kathe K. - Denton, TX


Our whole family uses Fuse every day. My husband has had three back surgeries and now when he has back pain, he uses the Joint and Muscle followed with the Liniment. He doesn't use pain medications anymore. My daughter has serious sinus problems, she uses Fuse regularly to breath better, also stops her ear aches and sinus pressure. We leave our Fuse products in the bathroom because someone is always looking for it. Fuse has helped out family in more ways than I can count. I have since become a distributer, all the products are amazing how well they work. 

Pat Kegley – Tennessee


I was in a four wheeler accident, got banged up pretty bad, had surgery. A friend sent some Fuse products to me. I was hurting and aching so bad I didn't think anything could help. I rubbed some of the Liniment on and it was all over with. I haven't stopped using it since. Great stuff, it works. Keep it by my bed and use it very day. 

Mark Toelkus - Topeka, KS


We met you at the truck show several months ago in Hutchinson, KS and I wanted to take the time to tell you how WONDERFUL the Fuse liniment is! I bought this for my son''s asthma and allergy issues originally. Now I use it on my sore muscle aches and headaches before I go to bed and I wake without pain. But at the top of my list of uses is for my daughter, she is almost 3 and has suffered with yeast infections since she was 9 months old. We have a cream that we have to use from the doctor to get her over it. I started giving her baths with 1 or 2 cap fulls of the fuse liniment and it will completely clears her up in 2 days. I put her in the tub, she is bright red, let her play for 20 min and when she gets out there is only a minor sign of irritation. We are so happy with this product, I am spreading the word!!!! Thanks Again! 

Patty Raney - Kansas


I live by FUSE. Some days it may be the only thing that keeps me going. My job has a high demand for physical labor and I am constantly on my feet. When I get home I grab my FUSE, rub it on where it hurts, jump in the shower, and let it seep through my pores. It's also great on my face! It keeps my skin clear and my allergies from keeping me down. I never, ever run out! 

Kirby K. – Dallas, Texas


Because of my blood pressure I cannot use a lot of allergy medicine. When my head is all stuffed up I can put a little bit of FUSE in my hands, cup them around my nose and breathe in. Very quickly I am able to breathe and have not taken anything internally that bothers my blood pressure and it doesn't make me sleepy!! In addition to that, when I have muscle pain I am able to rub it on the area affected and I have relief. 

Glenda B. – Forney, TX


FUSE liniment is just great for my acne – I stopped using more expensive products and just put it on after I wash my face in the morning and again at night, Since I was about three years old, I have had a sleep disorder that prevents me from getting a good night’s rest. My mom got me to put some on my neck and shoulders and that helps me relax and get to sleep more easily, and it helps keep my head clear too! Now I use FUSE liniment every night without fail! We also spray our sheets and pillows with Muscle Mist to kill dust mites and bacteria, and it really helps! I also use the liniment when I have problems with menstrual cramps, what a relief! I just about panic when I think we're running out! 

Shaunie K. - Denton, TX


I have a job that requires me to be on my feet walking 8+ hours per day, I also have neuropathy. Fuse Joint/Muscle and Liniment are the only things that keep me going. I use them on my feet and legs prior to getting in the shower in the morning. They keep me going all day. 

Debbie - TX


I love Fuse! I go to high school at a school that has no lockers by the time I get home my back really hurts from carrying my backpack. I make my mom put Fuse Joint/Muscle and Liniment on my back every night before I go to bed. It helps me sleep and also clears up my acne.

Dusty – TX


Fuse is quick pain relief and helps me clear up the acne on my face. While I was pregnant I would have bad charlie-horses in my legs at night the Liniment really helped relieve the soreness and relax my legs. 

Geneva - TX


I have used used the liniment for the past couple years and swear by it. I have not had a sinus or allergy head cold in over two years. I am interested in information about becoming a seller of Fuse products. 

Tammy Shulenberger - Salisbury, NC